An estimated 26% of vehicle accidents are due to distracted driving. Which can be preventable with FleetSafer®!


  1. FleetSafer® is $5 per device per month or less. Save money through avoided accidents! *
  2. As a Consolidated Fleet Solutions Member you will also receive a 5% rebate on your monthly or annual subscription! **
Reduce Crashes. Minimize Liability. Save Money.

FleetSafer® by Cogosense is software for smart phones and tablets that detects driving state and automatically puts the device in safe mode while driving. In “Safe Mode”, a curtain screen blocks access to the keyboard and screen. All notifications and alerts are silenced – including incoming calls, texts and emails.

Key Features:
  • Automatically activates/deactivates “Safe Mode”
  • Blocks distraction including calls, texts and browser
  • Quick access at end of drive
  • Industry leading battery life and accuracy
  • Activation options based on time of day, day of week
  • Reports and alerts on infractions and overrides
  • Deploys over the air or via mobile device management platform
  • Optionally whitelist apps and phone numbers
  • Optionally permit hands free calls and passenger override
  • Emergency calls always allowed
  • Click Here to see all the features and benefits


In addition to the monthly subscription fee of $5 per device or less, as a CFS Member you will also receive a 5% rebate on your monthly or annual subscription**
To begin your demo today, please call 630-455-0175 and ask about FleetSafer®, or click the button below for more information.


*Average cost per employee for distracted driving accidents without accounting for the costs of injury and time off work is estimated to be $25,000 per accident.
**5% rebate will be paid on a quarterly basis for the first two years your monthly or annual subscription.

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