Lower operating expenses
As a member, you’ll enjoy lower operating expenses as Consolidated Fleet Solutions streamlines vendor coordination and provides you with rebates, discounts, purchase incentives, and exclusive access to greater purchasing power.

Benefits for all your departments
CFS offers you a comprehensive portfolio of top suppliers and services touching multiple categories, including:
  • Trucks
  • Vehicle Parts and Supplies
  • DEF Equipment
  • DEF Fuel
  • DOT Background Checks
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Office Supplies
  • Financial Services
Alliances with leading companies
Save money without taking shortcuts on quality. CFS connects you to the top names in the business.

No hassles
How do you take advantage of all your CFS benefits? Keep buying directly from your suppliers, just as you have been. CFS benefits are above and beyond what you’re receiving from your suppliers.


Get all the details: To Learn more about the Consolidated Fleet Solutions program, contact us today.

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